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Name Brandon Tidd
Age 36
Hours Broadcast 433
Next Show Friday 10th April at 12am
Occupation Account Executive
About Me My Name Is Brandon And By Day I Work As A Mild-Mannered Internet Sales Rep. For The Past Seven Years, I Have Been Picking You Up And Getting You Ready For Your Weekend Here On Reach! I Enjoy Getting Feedback About My Show, So Feel Free To Reach... Out To Me! Thanks For Listening, And Now You Know The 411! Want Even More Info? Follow Me Everywhere! Facebook/Twitter:
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Award Date: 2nd August 2010
Points: 25
Description: Fill up Night Times Challenge - 1 hour!
Room Update
The Music Zone is now a regular feature on Reach! I'm picking you up and getting you ready for the weekend every Friday!
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brandon 4 years ago
My feachroom coming on November day
brandon 4 years ago
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brandon 4 years ago
I coming in June 16 on reachonair at 12am
brandonschmidt 5 years ago
hi im 19 yes me
Brando 8 years ago
Brando 9 years ago
Don't Miss My 100th Episode On August 5th At Midnight! That's August 4th At 7PM For Those In My Timezone. Time Flies When You're Having Fun!


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9 years ago
Just wrapped up another exciting addition of the Music Zone, with special guest UK based Rock Band Ginger Bald! I was just amazed someone was actually listening to my show, and using Skype I was actually able to put them on my show live! You can find more about them online here: or you can listen to the interview as it unfolded live on the air by going to: They are going to be touring Ireland soon so stay tuned. More to come, but for now, thanks to everyone who listened - see ya next time on the MZ! :-)
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Hard At Work! Brandon looking very pleased with himself!! Superb picture
Caught! TGIF! Good to see the Reach logo being worn!