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Name Ross Patzelt
Age 38
Hours Broadcast 473
Next Show Tuesday 18th December at 9pm
Occupation Shop Assistant
About Me I hope your having a great week.
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Room Update
Next show from me is on Sunday as,we continue through my playlist of my most favourite songs ever!
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GrahamHarris 1 month ago
Now have you discovered Bob Rivers or are you still using Spotify?
Dave 1 month ago
Or what about a bit of that world famous band Goldie Looking Chain. Is your Missus a Nutter?
BrandonSchmidt 4 months ago
Hi Ross
Dave 9 months ago
Can you play the one that goes, like, DUM DUM DUM da DA DUM BUM BAAAA?
Chris 11 months ago
Great show Ross. Donít listen to the haters commenting below, theyíre just wasters.
GrahamHarris 11 months ago
Still can't believe a fake dj doesn't know Bob Rivers. Oh I forgot you only use Spotify!
Brandon 1 year ago
Wossy 1 year ago
A guy meets a hooker in a bar. She says, ďThis is your lucky night. Iíve got a special game for you. Iíll do absolutely anything you want for £50 as l
Cal 1 year ago
Cheggs 1 year ago
I love you Ross! X


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1 year ago
Been a little while since I last posted so thought I would say hello. I am now back to just doing a Sunday night show which I am loving puting together playlists for. I have so much amazing music to play you in the future. I have a huge music archive and it is lovely to play some songs not often heard on radio or finding that new tune no one else is playing! So many good new tunes coming out every week is it hard to play everything! I love making new jingles to my shows too.
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