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Name Craigyboy
Age 34
Hours Broadcast 1142
Next Show Saturday 11th April at 8pm
Occupation Station Manager for Reach OnAir
About Me Welcome To My Reach Room
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Brandonschmidt 7 months ago
Craig boy
Brandonschmidt 7 months ago
I be on Sunday morning and night at 9pm
Brandon 3 years ago
Hey craig
JP 7 years ago
Strictly Come Geoff Sing!! :P Whattup man!
Craig 7 years ago
Thanks Chris lol & Aaron your right that is a nice pizza
AaronB 7 years ago
I've heard that their Chicken Mexicano is wonderful! ;-)
ChrisH 7 years ago
What an age to be!
Craigyboy 8 years ago
Thanks Mike
MikeCullen 8 years ago
It was great to listen to you tonight, first time I have tuned into Reach in a long while and your show has definitely cheered me up.
JasonFlavell 9 years ago
Ahh of cause totally forgot about that haha! My bad sorry mate :)


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9 years ago
What a great 3 hour show.Want to say a great big thankyou to everyone that tuned in and to say thanks to bubbly gem and ian for putting my new phone-in system to work.The Mrs has found out some great new tunes that bubbly gem recommended and will be playing them for ever more now,thanks for that gem!!!
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Craig didn't put 20p in the meter! awwww lyndz the camera caught u. Nick Takes it Easy
yo from nick k Who knicked the contact card? The Sofa